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24 Hours in Inner Mongolia

Written by Sherina Mahtani

Some people are unaware that a part of Mongolia is in China, which is known as Inner Mongolia. It has a unique natural scenery, a fascinating history and a culture to explore.

This city is known for its vast grasslands, which is where I travelled to in September. With mushroom-like yurts, blue skies, fresh air, and farm animals running around, all contribute to an experience you will not forget! Just in 24 hours, you can experience zip-lining, camel riding, horse riding, a traditional Mongolian feast, archery and more!

Spend the first day horse riding in Xilamuren Grassland where you can soak up the beauty of the barren land whilst riding one of nature’s fastest animals. Ride your horse all the way past the grassland to visit a gorgeous natural lake accompanied by surrounding mountains. Make sure to pack gloves for the freezing cold weather!

Warm up your body by drinking a traditional Mongolian milk and indulge in a dining ceremony of the roasted whole lamb whilst enjoying the ethnic performances around a bonfire. The Mongolian culture might just surprise you!

After a long day of dancing, eating and riding, cozy up in the luxury yurt resort in Xilamuren, where you will experience the views of the grassland yet feel at home. It truly is a unique experience I won’t forget.

The next morning, head to Hobq desert for zip lining across the sand dunes, camel riding looking up at the clear blue skies, and quad biking around the desert.

The best time to travel to the desert areas is in summer, especially from July to September as you will be able to spot more of the wildlife around, while the best time to travel to Inner Mongolia desert areas is in autumn. If you would like to glamp in the snow, be sure to be there from December - February and experience a snowy grassland. Make sure to pack layers as the yurts do not have any heating!

And there you have it, 24 hours in Inner Mongolia.

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