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A Weekend in Central Europe

If you think a weekend in central Europe is too short, think again. I started off with the same mindset, but with a love for travel and the sacrifice of sleep, I did it.

I started off in Vienna, Austria where most of my time was spent at Kärntner Straße, which is the in the heart of Vienna. While you are walking through the street with beautiful Austrian architecture being spoilt by brand after brand, you reach the end of the street only to find the mother church of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Vienna - St. Stephens Cathedral. 

St. Stephens Cathedral 

The church is known for its gothic structures and its sentiment to the Emperor, where his tomb lays. The interior has lovely inscriptions and valuable side altars, where alleged treasure is hidden. Once you are done admiring the interior of the church, you can go up to the roof of the church where you are astounded with the gorgeous view of Vienna.

St. Stephens Cathedral 

Spend the rest of the afternoon in Vienna binging out on some of the best Italian restaurants Vienna has to offer, with a glass of wine in one hand, your shopping bags in the other and relaxing under the sun.

Once the sun starts to set, grab a cab and head to the roof of Sofitel Hotel, Das Loft. Spoil yourself with exotic cocktails with the panoramic view of Vienna after a hectic day of shopping. The bar might dig a hole in your wallet, but the view certainly makes up for that. 

Das Loft, Sofitel Hotel, Vienna

Tired yet? I hope not, we have still a whole load of sight seeing to do except this time, in Prague… or if you really want to be a local, Praha. The best way I thought to travel from Vienna to Prague was by car. It wasn’t a long drive, just 3 hours, and it was beautiful. We drove past fields, crop and small towns with such colourful houses all lined up in a row.

Bright and early, I headed off to the Prague castle to visit the St. Vitus Cathedral. To a lot of tourists, the St. Vitus Cathedral is the Prague castle as it dominates the Prague skyline wherever you go in the city. After 6 centuries of construction, the gothic cathedral is a masterpiece and a religious monument for the Czech. 

St. Vitus Cathedral

However, the only downside to the church and the Prague castle is the crowd. As it is one of the main sights in Prague, the place is flooded with tourists. Hopefully the view of Prague makes up for the lack of personal space.

After visiting the castle and the churches, the typical touristy spots, I wanted to do something more local. So I drove a little further outside of Prague into the St Clara Vineyard. The Vineyard was also accompanied by a botanical garden and a beautiful white and pink chateau. After a couple of glasses of local wine, make sure to visit the botanical gardens where you’ll reach a viewpoint looking over the suburbs of Prague, which in my opinion, is better than looking over the city. Hopefully by this time, you’ll hit sunset, which is a beauty on its own.

St Clara Vineyard

And there you have it, 48 hours in central Europe with an evening to spare. So party it up, hit the casinos and have some exquisite Czech food to wrap up your jam-packed central European holiday.

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