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Paradise on Earth, Seychelles offers you the perfect setting to unwind, lay back and bask in the sun. The natural beauty of the islands made up of powder white beaches, turquoise waters, and lush forests, is sure to leave you mesmerized. A tropical haven, the Seychelles is every vacationer’s dream!

Main Attractions:

  • Anse Royale

  • Eden Island

  • Praslin

  • La Digue

  • Victoria Market

Main Activities:

  • Visit the capital, Victoria and discover Creole-styled architecture and food

  • Swim at Anse Royale Beach

  • Eat an authentic Creole meal at Cafe Creole on Mahé island

Other Activities:

  • Spend at day on Eden Island
  • Learn how to make tea at Morne Blanc
  • Take a walk through Vallée de Main on Praslin

Recommended Luxe Activities:

  • Private Yacht Tour around the islands
  • Champagne Beach Picnic
  • Whale Sharks Dive Tour
  • Helicopter Tour
  • Open Air Cinema Experience

Recommended Hotels:

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